Namagic – Batch renaming reloaded for Mac OS X

Available on the Mac App Store Available on GitHub

Namagic is a batch renaming software that allows you to manage your files in a brand new way. It provides a flexible solution, whether it is used to rename a few vacation pictures, or work with hundred of files and several operations.


Flexible selection of text

Select the part of the filenames you want to edit by using one of the providden modes: free text, list of characters, range of text, or even regular expressions...

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Lightning-fast renaming

Renaming process will not give you enough time to get a coffee. Click on the Apply button, select your destination folder (on most cases, the same as your source files) and let the magic happen !

100 files 110ms
1000 files 1100ms
10 000 files 11,1s
Benchmark performed on a Macbook 1,7 GHz Intel Core i7

Powerful actions

Use the available actions to modify the part of the filename that you have selected. You may want to remove it from the filename or append new text, a sequence of digits or the creation date of the file...

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Infinite workflows

Unlike other existing solutions, Namagic does not provide a static list of features, but small and flexible bricks.
Selection of text and actions can be chained, so it is up to you to add and configure them the way you want, to create tailor-made new names for your files.
Do you need to remove one part of your filenames, change the case of another, and replace a third by the creation date of the file ? Possibilities are endless.

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